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The quality of sunscreen is a burning issue 

As the ozone layer of the atmosphere gets thinner, increased amounts of ultraviolet radiation reach the surface of the earth. Protection from this radiation is a vital issue, and the high quality of sunscreen products is more important than ever. We are increasingly aware of the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation.

Granlux® is a unique raw material family developed for the new generation of cosmetic and sunscreen products.

Granlux® is a new, patented, efficient and easy-to-use ultraviolet screen in the form of a solid pre-dispersion. It is based on various uv-filter pigments forming a solid concentrate. Granlux® is: non-dusting, self-dispersing when used, stable ensuring long shelf-life and free from any added preservatives.

The formulator using GranLux® obtains efficient sun protection with less effort in development and production.

Granula is an investment in the safety and health aspects of your products.

Oy Granula Ab Ltd develops, manufactures and refines chemical products and markets them for industries world-wide. We also provide measurement services and assistance in your product development. Our aim is to develop and manufacture products for the cosmetics industry that are beneficial to public health as well as easy and safe to use.

Superior sunscreen products - easier handling and storage of raw materials

GranLux® gives extra value to your products.

Superior protection

The sunscreen active ingredient of GranLux® is a high-quality, photo-stable, ultra-fine titanium dioxide pigment with well known effectiveness. In addition, zinc oxide or ferrous oxides as well as organic filters are used. GranLux® ultra-violet screens provide high Sun Protection Factors and are suitable for most cosmetic products.

Easy handling and storage

The unique, patented composition of GranLux® screens renders it's fine pigments non-dusting. The sunscreens are easy to handle throughout the production process and convenient to store.

Safe end products

The components in GranLux® are selected to match the product formulae of the cosmetics industry and gives the formulator the opportunity to select additives for optimum shelf-life and preservation of the end product.

Granula invests in quality

Granula supplies high-quality special products. GranLux® screens have been rigorously tested and the production is closely monitored. The quality of our raw materials also means absolute suitability for the production process and for the objectives of our clients. Therefore, product development is the cornerstone of our operation. our goal is to match the qualities of the product with the needs of our clients.

Granula Ltd.'s concept of GranLux® concentrates and the scientific chain of measurements together with formulating assistance provides our clients unique information and new opportunities for product development.

Granula stands for service

Producer and supplier of special raw materials

Granula supplies high-quality products and service to industries manufacturing sunscreen products world-wide. GranLux® - our unique, patented new product - is a prime example of our expertise.

The cornerstones of our work are solid know-how in the sunscreen sector, the quality of our products, expert service and development co-operation. Please get in touch for more information - our production plant and our customer service office in Kotka (Finland) look forward to answering your queries.

Measurement and analysis of Sun Protections Factors

During the development of GranLux® we have perfected a unique method of measuring the protection capacity and optimal application of ultra-violet screens. This high-precision method is now available for all your product development needs.


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