The High-Performance Concept for Physical Filters


Granlux® is a new concept of introducing physical UV filters in sun and skin care as well as colour cosmetic applications. The Granlux® concept of solid dispersions is a completely novel and patented approach. It solves most of the problems associated with physical filters, powders as well as liquid dispersions.

By our scientific approach Granlux® provides enhanced stability and performance. Granlux® makes life easy for the formulator actually introducing "instant" sun care products - just add oil, water and emulsify.

Granlux® products are available for lotions, creams, lipsticks and various colour cosmetic applications.

Granula's policy is to customise the dispersions for each customer. We also have standard products are also available.


Titanium Dioxide

Zinc Oxide Dispersions

Pigment Blend And Other Dispersions

Dispersions containing O/W emulsifiers

Dispersions containing W/O emulsifiers

Dispersions without Emulsifiers in Esters or Oil 1/3

Dispersions without Emulsifiers in Esters or Oil 2/3

Dispersions without Emulsifiers in Esters or Oil 3/3

Polar Dispersions

Solid Dispersions in Wax

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